Does Qiime2 do antimicrobial Resistance analysis

Hello everyone, am a new user of qimme2, so I have lots of questions but... First I'd like to ask if one can carry out antimicrobial Resistance gene determination of metagenomics sample?
Thank you guys... Really looking forward to your experienced responses.

Hello Louis,

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The first alpha release of the QIIME 2 Shotgun Metagenomics Distribution was released in 2023, and I don't think we have a plugin for profiling antimicrobial resistance genes (yet!!)

You can read our shotgun metagenomic tutorial here. With contigs from that tutorial, you could look for Resistance Genes using a database like CARD.

What biological system are you studying? Which antibiotics are you interested in?

Hello Louis,

Welcome to the Qiime2 community! Regarding your question about antimicrobial resistance gene determination in metagenomic samples, you're in luck! I just announced a specific plugin called q2-amr that can help you with exactly that.

Feel free to give feedback or ask any questions you might have!


Thank you so much, this is great

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