does q2view have a file size limit?

I’ve a similar question regarding the maximum size of the .qzv file that can be viewed in the qiime2 viewer. I was not able to view a stats.qzv 320 MB uchime output file but I could look at a 245 MB table generated after filtering chimeras following OTU clustering. Is there a cap somewhere between those two .qzv file sizes - 245 and 320 MB?

Thanks so much and I understand a reply might be late in coming due to summer vacations!

Hi! I had the same issue - the problem is in the browser. Firefox usually handling big qzv files better than Chrome.
Also sometimes its useful to clean all cash from the browser before loading big qzv files. I also increased in the settings max disc space allowed for the browser.


Thanks so much. I’ll try that.

At what point were you just not able to view the files? Above certain sizes, I’ll just need to put something in place on the command line to pull out the stats that I need.

To be honest - I never tried to visualize such bigs files as yours. In my case, the limit was about 150 mb. But I guess that different plugins will produce qzv files with different requirements for the memory. It also depends on the characteristics of the machine you are using. So there could be no specific limit and it should be adjusted experimentally.

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Hi @awelty!

There is definitely a size limit for q2view as at the moment it has to load the entire zip file into memory (limitation of the library we use), combined with some limitations of Javascript integers, it means we can’t reliably handle zip files larger than 4gb without running into real issues (this can be fixed in principle).

In your case, I would expect 320mb to work (albeit slowly at first). If you open the development/javascript console (F12 should open it), do you see any errors?

It may be that the HTML itself is too heavy to render at once. 150-300mb of HTML is actually pretty massive once every element has turned into a DOM node object in memory. In fact, thinking about it more, I’m almost certain this is the problem.

In principle we should augment these visualizations to lazily render (like twitter), instead of creating all of those DOM nodes at once.

Let me know if qiime tools view works, it shouldn’t have the same limitations with respect to the zip file, but may also crash if the HTML is simply too large.

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