Qiime2 Viewer not able to open 1.8gb visualization file for Taxonomy Bar Plots

I am trying to upload a file about 2gb with taxa bar plot info to qiime2 viewer but the page always ends up saying “aw snap” eve though i know i have 12 gb of ram open on my machine.

Hey there @Vik, that large of a visualization is going to bring any browser to fiery ashes :fire: :skull:. There are a few posts around this forum discussing strategies for reducing the dataset size prior to plotting the barplots (basically, how can you make your feature table "smaller"?). Feel free to search around, otherwise, if you are unable to reduce the table size in some manner, you will need to find another tool for generating these plots. Sorry! :t_rex: :qiime2:


Thanks for your tips, But I was wondering if you think there is a way to split up the virtualization file itself?

I’m not sure I follow, can you provide a concrete example?

Sorry about that, what I mean is that this file I have with the taxa bar plots for all of my data will be somewhat difficult for me to redo on a divided set. So I was wondering if, without reprocessing my data, I could split the data within the taxa barplot file/virtualization file, such that it could be viewed in Qiime viewer? If not, which it probably cant be, do you think i could convert the data to a csv or excel spreadsheet without using viewer?

No worries, thanks for clarifying!

No, unfortunately not. Just to clarify though, the suggestions I made above wouldn’t require you to completely reprocess your data. The idea is to perform one or more operations on the feature table, then re-run the barplot viz.

You could certainly download the CSV from the viz and build your own!


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