DNA Barcode for metagenomic analysis such as that done on the Qiime2 tutorial on Atacama soil Microbiome

Good day everyone, I jus completed the Qiime2 tutorial on Atacama soil microbiome. Four data was used, metadata, reverse and forward sequence and barcode.
I have a question, is it possible to carry out such analysis like it was done on the Atacama project with our the barcode. Am asking because I have a metagenomics sequence but do not have the barcode and I want to practice with it to see if I can run these analysis with data from another source. I would be very grateful if I get a reply to this question.
Thank you all


Does it mean the fastq files you intend to use are already demultiplexed? It will be true if you have two files for each sample, for example, sample1_1.fastq.gz and sample1_2.fastq.gz per sample1. In that case, you can import your files to qiime2 as demultiplexed sequences using manifest files (check out the importing tutorial). After that, proceed with the tutorial from the step after demultiplexing.


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Thank you so much Timur Yergaliyev, this is great help, I will go through the tutorial on importing files.
Again Am grateful .