Diversity statistical testing export

Hi all,

I’ve written some code to interrogate the the visualizations from q2-diversity statistical testing using the artifact API. This exports a csv containing the group significance or correlation results for every metadata column, letting the user avoid manually going through every column in the visualization and having to type out the beta-correlation testing commands for each column. I had an issue that @thermokarst helped me solve on this post, and when I brought up the question of if it could be contributed to the plugin, he suggested I post over here to discuss it. I’ve been working to learn more about the QIIME 2 framework (reading through the developer documentation and reading source code) with the intent of contributing, but I haven’t seen many good first issues raised recently that are within my skillset, so I thought this might be a good first project to work toward.

Here are some of my main questions:

  1. Is there any interest in this function? If so, how is a plan typically developed for contributing?

  2. Right now, the process includes exporting, parsing, and deleting the visualization files. Would it be better to focus on an artifact-based approach that doesn’t involve creating temporary files?

  3. Are there concerns about potential abuse of multiple hypothesis testing with this? Would the results need to be corrected for false discovery rate?


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