diversity alpha-group-significance

I am trying to execute command for alpha diversity significance, somehow I am getting same error and same is coming for beta diversity.
qiime diversity alpha-group-significance --i-alpha-diversity core-metrics-results/faith_pd_vector.qza --m-metadata-file metadata_textile.tsv --o-visualization core-metrics-results/faith-pd-group-significance.qzv

Error is:Plugin error from diversity:

Metadata does not contain any columns that satisfy this visualizer’s requirements. There must be at least one metadata column that contains categorical data, isn’t empty, doesn’t consist of unique values, and doesn’t consist of exactly one value.

Can you please suggest me what I have to do to remove this error?

Welcome to the forum!
The plugin is complaining, that you do not have any column in your metadata file that satisfy requirements for performing statistical analysis. As it is written in the error, it should be:

In other words, it should contain some descriptions of samples to group your data into smaller groups to test statistical differences between them. It can be a site of sampling, treatment, condition, location, source and so on. They also should not be the same for all samples and should not be unique since it is necessary to have a replicates to perform such analysis.


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