Distribution-based clustering plugin (dbotu_q2)

Hello QIIME 2 community,

I’m excited to announce that distribution-based clustering has come to QIIME 2!

The plugin is available from conda, and you should be able to install it directly with:

conda install -c cduvallet dbotu_q2

Please let me know if you run into any issues or if there are additional features you’d like to see in this plugin! For now, it runs the most basic function of calling distribution-based OTUs and outputting the resulting OTU table and representative sequences.

The source code for this plugin is available on my github.

For your reference, I basically wrote a wrapper around the dbotu python package written by Scott Olesen (published last year). If you want to use distribution-based clustering without going through the QIIME 2 interface, you can install dbOTU3 from conda, pip, or Scott’s github repo.

The original distribution-based clustering algorithm is described in Sarah Preheim’s 2013 publication.