Different visualizations


I'm new to bioinformatics, any one to explain me more the differences between Taxonomic Bar Plots, Volatility Control Chart, Emperor Ordination, Feature Table Summary, Alpha Rarefaction Plots, Alpha Diversity Boxplots? I'm a confused a bit


Hello Patrick,

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You may have found these already, but if not, you should check out the Moving Pictures Tutorial and the Parkinson’s Mouse Tutorial. Those not only cover many of the visualization you mention, they describe what they show and how to interpret them.

More specifically, I build visualization to answer a question, and the plots you listed do just that:

  • What microbes are in my samples?
    • Taxonomic Bar Plots
    • Feature Table Summary
  • What is the richness and evenness of each sample (alpha diversity)?
    • Alpha Rarefaction Plots
    • Alpha Diversity Boxplots (Did sequence deeply enough to see all the microbes?)
  • How do my samples compare to each other (beta diversity)?
    • Emperor Ordination (Do samples cluster in a specific way?)
    • Volatility Control Chart (How much do samples change over time?)

I hope this helps!


Hi Colin,

This is really helpful. Thank you very much.

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