Demux.qzv per sample quality viewing options

Hi, Is it possible to view/investigate sequence quality on a per sample bases with demux.qzv? This would be useful to better understand whether certain samples sequenced poorly vs problems with the entire run. Thank you!

Hello Jessica,

I'm not sure if Qiime supports this...

Sequence quality changes a lot between runs, and also between individual reads, but most samples look pretty similar. In this graph, each line tracks the mean Quality score of a sample.

So while we have almost 500 samples on this run, each sample has pretty similar quality throughout. I've placed my mouse over a low score from one sample, but most other parts are close.

While quality may be pretty consistent between samples, number of reads per sample can vary wildly. Is this what you are asking about or have you found certain groups of your samples have lower q-scores?


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