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Hi everybody

We are working with Dada2 but I have two questions related with one of the parameters in the process of Denoise and dereplicate paired-end sequences –p-n-reads-learn about the The number of reads to use when training the error model, :

  1. The number of reads that the program takes for make the error model is per sample or are the total reads I have entered.
  2. If I don´t have 10000000 of reads by default, the program would take the greatest number of reads to make the error model with out problem or I have to change that parameter with the greatest number of my reads?

Hi @Jibda!

Sorry for the very late response.

Total reads encountered, I believe the order of those reads is arbitrary, but the error profiles should be consistent within a run.

It will use all of your reads if you have less than the default (or whatever value you might pass).

Hope that helps!

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