dada2 denoise-ccs, how to run without adapter

I have de-adaptered my sequencing data. but I need to fill in the --p-front and --p-adapter parameters when running dada2 denoise-ccs. How do I set these two parameters please? I have consulted people who have run it successfully about this issue and they told me to just delete these two parameters. I did that but it didn't work, we are using qiime-2022.2 version. This is very confusing to me. Please ask if there is any other solution to this problem.
Very much looking forward to your answer!

Hi @WYM,
Unfortunately, we do not have a way to deal with ccs data that doesn't have primers yet!

But we are working on it! Here is the issue on our github! And here is more discussion about this on the forum: qiime dada2 denoise-ccs without primers or adapters - #3 by jmetz2015

Sorry to not be more help!

Thank you for your answer. But what puzzles me is why someone can run the code without writing these two parameters.

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