CZI-CABANA Workshop discussion thread

I have been on this thread for the last 90 minutes too expecting the Link, but I will be on till late.
it is worth it I guess

Hi @ntmyle1988 and @DRALABU_SAVIOUR,

My understanding is that the link will be available shortly before the workshop, which will likely be closer to 16:00 GMT. So, I guess, come back in a few hours?


Hi jwdebelius,
Our world time zone here is 19:15 pm now. As following the mentioned time, around more than 3 hours, the workshop will be started. I guess. I have not gotten any link yet.

@jwdebelius, thanks very much, I had miscalculated the time. :grinning: See you at 6pm EAT(Nairobi)

@ntmyle1988, @DRALABU_SAVIOUR,

The main team for this workshop is in the US and is +9 GMT, so 16:00 GMT is the earliest I would look. It’s possible that it could be closer to 18:00 GMT. I guess it’s the delight and draw back of a platform that’s used in a lot of places?


I will check again one more time.

I am waiting for youtube’s link of the lectures.

Hi, [jwdebelius].
Please check again the mentioned time for workshop.
As we have followed,
"Please save the dates for:

  • October 5th - October 9th, 2020
  • Sessions will begin at 8a and end at 2p daily, UTC-7 (3p-9p UTC+0)"
    That is mean at 3 pm-9pm of GMT.
    I think 16:00 GMT will be late for you.

Will the youtube link for live streaming available now?



Is the link for the live stream available?


Hi @ntmyle1988, @LuongBioPro, @DRALABU_SAVIOUR, @nskmzu, @Barandouzi, et al,

I just checked the official schedule and talked to Matt. The workshop will start at 8 am PST/6pm GMT hours and run on +9 GMT/Pacific time. You can find the channel for the videos here.

Check out this post from Matt:

Hi, [jwdebelius]
Thank you so much for your information.

when you will share the workshop material?

Hi @Arslan_Tariq,

If you’re an attendee, please check slack.

If you’re watching online, please be patient and the workshop will start at 8a PST/17:00 GMT.



@Arslan_Tariq Please see this thread in the announcements category:


Good Morning, the YouTube feed has stopped working. The disconnect occured when introducing the first speaker.

Hi @thermokarst ,

The live YouTube channel stopped at 20min53s. Is there a limitation for the video length?


Hi @Claire010 and @Slolley,

The video went down, not sure why. Here’s the new link:


It could be better if you turn live chat on. Yes, it could get messy but we will be able to communicate with each other. Tickets went off so fast :dash:, I believe there are others who wants to be in touch :upside_down_face:.

Thank you.


Hi @the_dummy - we aren't planning on enabling chat on the YouTube streams, because we already have a great chat option, right here on the forum! Questions and support requests are always welcome here on the QIIME 2 Forum.