CZI-CABANA Microbiome Bioinformatics with QIIME 2 Workshop (our first-ever online QIIME 2 workshop!)

I am interested in learning QIIME 2.0. PROVIDE me the link for registering.

Amazing news that you are doing this workshop! I am wondering, as someone who has already worked with QIIME 2, but could definitely learn more, how useful will the course be for me? What is the difficulty level?


I have recently started working on 16s amplicon data. I would really like to attend this course . However the timing might not be suitable for me . I was wondering if you could you please provide us with recorded versions of the workshop at the same cost .

If so it would be greatly appreciated.



We are excited to share more details about the upcoming CZI-CABANA QIIME 2 workshop! We are providing three different attendance options:

  • Option 1: General admission tickets will be available starting September 15th
  • Option 2: CABANA application submissions will be available starting September 15th, the application deadline is September 27th.
  • Option 3: Free viewing will be available for any interested attendee - no need to apply, just show up day-of (details to follow)!

If you previously reached out to us about a “purchasing power” discount, please watch out for an email from us with your discount code, you will use that to apply for Option 1 (General Admission). We will not be able to accept any more purchasing power requests after general admission sales begin.

Additional details about each option are discussed below:

Option 1: General Admission

We have received significant pre-sale inquiries - in order to provide a fair and balanced opportunity to attend, a tickets will be made available in batches, on predetermined and staggered schedule:

  • Wednesday, 9/16: 12:00 pm, UTC -8 (2020-09-16T20:00:00Z)
  • Thursday, 9/17: 12:00 pm, UTC -4 (2020-09-17T16:00:00Z)
  • Friday, 9/18: 12:00 pm, UTC (2020-09-18T12:00:00Z)
  • Saturday, 9/19: 12:00 pm, UTC +3 (2020-09-19T09:00:00Z)
  • Sunday, 9/20: 12:00 pm, UTC +6 (2020-09-20T06:00:00Z)
  • Monday, 9/21: 12:00 pm, UTC +9 (2020-09-21T03:00:00Z)
  • Tuesday, 9/22: 12:00 pm, UTC +12 (2020-09-22T00:00:00Z)

If tickets sell out of a batch, more tickets will become available at the next batch start time. As well, we are offering a “free viewing” option (more details below), in case you aren't able to purchase tickets in any of the batches listed above.

General admission registration will be available here at the times listed above:

QIIME 2: CZI-CABANA Microbiome Bioinformatics with QIIME 2 Workshop (sold out)

Update: General admission has sold out, please see CZI-CABANA Microbiome Bioinformatics with QIIME 2 Workshop (our first-ever online QIIME 2 workshop!) - #96 by thermokarst for more details.

Option 2: CABANA

We are really excited to announce that we are teaming up with the great folks with the CABANA program to provide discounted options for attendees based in Latin America. Applications will be accepted from September 15th through September 27th. For more information, please visit

Option 3: Free Viewing

The workshop will be simulcast live to YouTube! We will provide additional details the week before the workshop begins, so check back here in a few weeks. In the meantime, please install QIIME 2 so that you can follow along on your own (free viewing attendees will not have access to the shared workshop server used for the interactive tutorial commands we will run as a group).

Pre-recorded material will only be available to General Admission and CABANA attendees (and will only be available for a limited time during the week of the workshop). We hope to offer a fully standalone ad hoc online course soon (hopefully some time in 2021 - we will announce more details as we develop the course).

As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions!

We are so excited to see you soon!


I’m from Argentina!! So I’m going to enter through CABANA. Are so great news!! See you soon!

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Where could I buy a ticket?
I don’t find a link for it, even it is after the schedule.


Guys a quick question, Adelaide is listed as GMT +12 but it actually is located within the GMT +9.30 time zone. Does that affect something?
Moreover, where will the registration link be available? I’ll be able to grab a spot on Monday 21/9 from 9.30 am, isn’t it?
Cheers! And thanks heaps for organising such an interesting and important event!

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I’m also completely confused about when the registration link will be provided. I’m in US eastern time. can anyone help?

(correct me if I’m wrong)
It is UTC -8 (California time ) = 4 hrs behind eastern time. Therefore, 12 UTC -8 = 4pm EST. :+1:

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Hi @Yair! Please see the details posted above: CZI-CABANA Microbiome Bioinformatics with QIIME 2 Workshop (our first-ever online QIIME 2 workshop!) - #85 by thermokarst

The first batch of GA tickets go on sale in ~4 hrs.

Hi @NatC! I'm not seeing a listing for Adelaide on my end:

Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 9.20.41 AM

My guess is that the forum platform (Discourse) is estimating your local timezone. Either way, what matters here is the absolute time posted above, for example: "Tuesday, 9/15: 12:00 pm, UTC -8". If you're at +12, then I think that works out to a 20 hr offset, meaning tickets will go on sale for you at 9a today (I think)!

I'm sorry about the confusion @quinnr! If you are in US eastern, you are currently UTC -4, so tickets will be on sale today starting at 4p local time for you. @overbyh just wrote up a nice summary too, while I was writing my response to you - thanks @overbyh!


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Thank you for the notification. I am based in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates. I confused about the time, and have been following it for a while. So please advice on the registration link. Thank you

Just a quick update - we ran into a technical hiccup with the payment processing system in use for general admission ticket sales, so we are moving everything forward by one day:

  • Wednesday, 9/16: 12:00 pm, UTC -8 (2020-09-16T20:00:00Z)
  • Thursday, 9/17: 12:00 pm, UTC -4 (2020-09-17T16:00:00Z)
  • Friday, 9/18: 12:00 pm, UTC (2020-09-18T12:00:00Z)
  • Saturday, 9/19: 12:00 pm, UTC +3 (2020-09-19T09:00:00Z)
  • Sunday, 9/20: 12:00 pm, UTC +6 (2020-09-20T06:00:00Z)
  • Monday, 9/21: 12:00 pm, UTC +9 (2020-09-21T03:00:00Z)
  • Tuesday, 9/22: 12:00 pm, UTC +12 (2020-09-22T00:00:00Z)

For more details, please see the message above:


Let’s continue discussing your workshop questions in this new topic thread: CZI-CABANA Workshop discussion thread

Hi everyone! The first round of ticket sales happened a few hours ago, and I have a lot of updates to share! The important information is that General Admission tickets are completely sold out - I am sorry that our plan for selling tickets in multiple small batches didn't work out. I have written up some details below, in case you are interested in the finer points of what happened.


Our original plan was to sell a small batch of tickets every day over the next week in an effort to provide multiple opportunities for folks interested in purchasing General Admission fare. Unfortunately, we ran into some technical issues today when the first batch went on sale. The first batch went on sale on time, but, the system that was supposed to shut down the sales after the batch was sold out failed to launch (which meant that sales didn't close when they were supposed to). We are still investigating why that happened. We noticed the failure within the first minute of ticket sales (you were purchasing those tickets quickly! :racing_car:). Because we have a limited number of total seats available (for all 7 planned batches), we had to manually shut down the ticket sales for about 10-15 minutes (by removing the listing, because we were already oversold). In the few minutes that the sales were up, we sold about 150% of the total allotment of tickets :boom:. Once we were able to ensure that we were no longer erroneously selling tickets, we brought the listing back online and marked it as "sold out." As well, many of you reported 500 Server Errors - these appear to be due to pulling the listing offline to stop the overselling, and weren't related to the "failure to launch" issue.

Next steps

Fortunately we have a great option for individuals who weren't able to purchase: we will be streaming the workshop live, for :exclamation: free :exclamation: on YouTube. We will share the link when we get closer to the workshop, but, you won't need to sign up for anything in order to attend that way. We will provide you with the same slide deck as everyone else attending, but we just ask that you bring your own installation of QIIME 2 (if you wish to follow along with the interactive tutorial). If you don't want to follow along, or, if you don't want to install QIIME 2, you will still be able to view pre-computed results and resources (we will be working on the Parkinson's Mouse Tutorial (link) together), and follow along with the theory lectures.

As well, we are still able to provide discounted options for attendees from Latin America. Applications will be accepted through September 27th. For more information, please visit

We will take a closer look at our payment processing system to ensure that the technical issue is not a problem in the future. Also, based on your feedback, we will make some changes to the layout of the ticket-sale page to make sure that the ticket form is more visible :eye:.


Thank you all so much for your support! We really appreciate you being flexible as we put together this first-ever online QIIME 2 workshop, and we apologize for any inconvenience today's ticket sales issues may have created for you.



Hello! The workshop will be starting in approximately 24 hours (basically right around the time I post this message, tomorrow).

We will not know the YouTube link until approximately 1 hour before the workshop begins.

Once we know the YouTube URL, we will post the URL here. in this topic thread. Thanks, see you soon!



Hello! The workshop livestream will be live on this YouTube channel in approximately 1.5 hrs:

Please watch this thread, we will let you know when the feed goes live.



Hello! The workshop slides can be found here:

As well, the schedule/agenda can be found here:

Thanks! We will be starting in less than an hour.



Hey all,

We had an internet hiccup. Please see the new stream


Today's stream is live:


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