CZI-CABANA Workshop discussion thread

Good Morning, the YouTube feed has stopped working. The disconnect occured when introducing the first speaker.

Hi @thermokarst ,

The live YouTube channel stopped at 20min53s. Is there a limitation for the video length?


Hi @Claire010 and @Slolley,

The video went down, not sure why. Here’s the new link:


It could be better if you turn live chat on. Yes, it could get messy but we will be able to communicate with each other. Tickets went off so fast :dash:, I believe there are others who wants to be in touch :upside_down_face:.

Thank you.


Hi @the_dummy - we aren’t planning on enabling chat on the YouTube streams, because we already have a great chat option, right here on the forum! Questions and support requests are always welcome here on the QIIME 2 Forum.



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Can you please provide a workshop practice data download link for online viewers, such as PD mice sample metadata?

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Will these videos and slides be available following the workshop as well? Or is there a way to access it?

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@Lamyaa, the livestream video will only be available during the workshop, but the slide deck (which is already available) will be available ongoing.

Wonderful workshop!!! Thanks ! I wonder if there is link to download the slides? Can we download file in format of pdf or others?


Hello @Kevin,
It does not seem that you can download the slides, but they will be here for future reference!

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As an youtube viewer, don’e we have any scope to hand on practice?


What is the password when we are in Secure shell app.


@mshahin, we are unfortunately not able to offer server access to “free tier” youtube-only participants. All of the commands we are running will work exactly the same way on any installation of QIIME 2 2020.8, though!

Feel free to install on your local computer and follow along!

@Barandouzi, passwords were sent to paid tier workshop participants via Slack direct message. Check slack if you’re one of those participants. If you’re not, a local installation of QIIME 2 2020.8 should work just as well. :smile:

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I think enabling the chat on Youtube is a great idea! Will promote discussion among the ones following the streaming and make it easier to ask questions and help each other.


@Natali_Hernandez, see this post above.

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Apologies if this is a duplicate question but is there a detailed programme for the course? I am connecting via the youtube channel and it would be great to know when the sessions that are of most interest for me are scheduled. Thank you!!!

@mpunta, there’s a link to the schedule here:

Please note: The schedule is very approximate! In the interest of providing a smooth experience to all participants, individual session start times may be shifted forward or back. Generally, though, we should start and end the day’s workshop on time.