Creating manifest file as a dataframe in Python, but why the run not working?

I installed some packages as pandas and instead of manually creating a manifest file, I tried to create it using data frame, os, and other functions. I do not know why I can not find the file saved. maybe there is a problem in the sequence file name path as I have Mac or maybe it saved the file in different formats

. Attached screenshots. thanks a lot.

Hi @HebaHussein-1981,
Your post has been recategorized to the “Other Bioinformatics Tools” category because it is not a QIIME 2 technical support question, it is a general question about something unrelated to QIIME 2.

Your error is as the message has reported: an unexpected indent. Line 25, “save result” is indented 1 more time than it should be (though I suspect that line should actually be deleted; it looks like a comment line, not a python function)

For more detailed support in learning how to use python, I recommend a more topical support forum like stackoverflow.

Good luck!