Covert OTU table to .biom and import


Quick question. I had previously exported a rarefied OTU table to work on R-studio, but I had to parse out the guilds using FunGuild before analyzing my data. I want to run alpha and beta diversity in qiime, so now I am attempting to import the table back into qiime.

Currently my data, containing only ectomycorrhizal data, is in text format, and I am trying to convert it into .biom but I a having a problem with the code.

biom convert -i otu-.txt -o otu-.biom --to-hdf5 --table-type="OTU table" --process-obs-metadata taxonomy

**_raise ValueError("Observation metadata processing requested "_**

ValueError: Observation metadata processing requested but it doesn't appear that there is any metadata to operate on!

Note:The folder containing info to import, contains the new table, the taxonomy file created in qiime2 and the Metadata.

I tried again, I realized my table had additional columns that a OTU table shouldn't have, after deleting them and rerunning the code, I get the above error.

Note, this OTU table has been made to look like a "normal" otu table, with OTUID column and sample ID. Could this be the problem? Is so how can I fix it and or could I possibly take the table.qza I created in qiime and filter out >800 samples that are not ectomycorrhizal? If I can filter them out, is there a simple way of doing this?

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