core-metrics-phylogenetic error

Hi, I do have the same error, I have tried to validate the artifact
which results valid

qiime tools validate table-or-85.qza
Result table-or-85.qza appears to be valid at level=max.

what could be the reason of failure of the following command?

qiime diversity core-metrics-phylogenetic \
--i-phylogeny rooted-treeC.qza \
--i-table table-or-85.qza \
--p-sampling-depth 2 \
--m-metadata-file map_redone.tsv \
--output-dir core-metrics-results10C

thanks a lot


Hi @MichelaRiba,

We are missing some important information here in order to effectively help you:

  • The version of QIIME 2 used
  • The complete error message (copy and paste the complete output of the command with the --verbose flag)

Thanks! :qiime2:

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