BIOMV210DirFmt: 'feature-table.biom' error


I got one error when I ran taxplot command. Could anyone tell me how to rectify this error? biom_error|690x162

Herewith, I have attached my files link for your perusal.

I was suspicious of your feature table:

qiime tools validate v3-v4table-dada2.qza

The results:

Result v3-v4table-dada2.qza does not appear to be valid at level=max:

  Unrecognized files:
    - 'data/Ofeature-table.biom'
  Missing files:
    - 'data/feature-table.biom'

Uh oh! Looks like someone was tampering with the contents of their QZA :wink: :point_left:

You will need to regenerate that file in order to guarantee its integrity (there are other ways around this, but they wonโ€™t guarantee integrity). In the future, I would recommend exporting or extracting, rather than mutating the contents of the file directly. Keep us posted!

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