Contents of input files

I checked example input files from Moving Pictuers tutorial, and found that in sequences file there are no barcod sequences. So barcodes file and sequences file should share names of sequences and no barcod sequences shoud be inside sequences file, is it correct? In other words should only sequences without adapter and barcod be in sequences file?

I’m a little confused in contents of input files.
Could you help me?

Hello Vladimir,

Yes, this can be a bit confusing.

Because sequencing platforms produce many different formats, Qiime 2 gives you a big set of tools for help you demultiplex and import your sequences. The Moving Pictures tutorial is just one example of how to use these tools. Check out these two pages on demultiplexing to learn more:

Those two plugins have multiple methods for different data types. Do any of these methods sound like a good fit for your data?


Thank you very mach for your answer, Colin. It is helpful.

I have data from Ion Torrent already separated into samples without adapter and barcode sequences. I will just generate barcodes file to launch qimme2.

Hi @Vladimir_Ovchinnikov - if your data is already demultiplexed (per-sample files), and adapter and barcode removed - just use one of the fastq manifest formats for import! There is no requirement for you to have a “barcodes file” — that is just one way of many to import and demultiplex your data in QIIME 2. Let us know how it goes! :t_rex:

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