Colored ANCOM Volcano Plot

Is there a way to make the ANCOM Volcano plot colored in QIIME 2?

Hello @DiegoP,
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There is not a way to make ANCOM volcano plots colored in QIIME 2.
I am curious why would this be beneficial to you? Maybe there is another method I can point you to that can answer the same question.
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Hey @DiegoP,
It is not too hard to add some colors to those plots outside of QIIME 2, here is a basic example posted on the forum before. You can download the results file from the ANCOM visualization and play around with it as you usually would.


Thank you for the response. The reason I want to do this is because I would like to see which bacteria are more associated with the variables I have on my metadata. I would also like to see the different metadata variables and bacterial ASV/OTU in this visualization.

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