Color correction in gneiss balance-taxonomy

In the output for gneiss balance-taxonomy, the colors used for the different categories are switched in the log ratio plot and the proportion plot. Here is an example. Its a minor thing but could be confusing. Im using 2018.8

We’re deprecating all of the visualizations in gneiss by the next release - so this won’t be a concern in the future release.

The recommendation for future analyses is to export the results to either Python or R to make custom results. There will be tutorials posted shortly on how to do that.


Hello @mortonjt

I’m working with gneiss in version 2019.7 and I was wondering about the status of tutorials to make custom results figures in python and/or R mentioned above. Any news?



HI @saatkinson, we have some tutorials on how to manipulate these balances in python.
See these tutorials:

There isn’t a tutorial for the proportion plots yet - but there are some notebooks below where these plots were originally developed

We do have docs here on how to generate the proportions plots here. It doesn’t look like those are being rendered correctly, so that needs to be corrected in the next release.