Classifier is not a qiime2 artifacts

qiime feature-classifier classify-sklearn --i-classifier “/home/rodrigues-lab/Laibin_Project/data/silva132_99_341F805R_16Sclassifier_2020_2.qza” --i-reads /home/rodrigues-lab/Laibin_Project/data/Yucatan/Yucatan16S_repseq.qza --o-classification /home/rodrigues-lab/Laibin_Project/data/Yucatan/Yucatan16S_taxonomy.qza

When I run this, I get an error says: silva132_99_341F805R_16Sclassifier_2020_2.qza is not a qiime2 artifact,
however, I just run the same in July, it works very well.

Can anyone help with this issue, I search a lot online, lots of people have the same issue, but didn’t resolve yet.

Thank you very much

Hi @laibinhuang!
That’s an interesting error message, especially because that filepath looks like an Artifact.

Try running qiime tools validate path_to_your_classifier_goes_here

Make sure you’re passing the correct file path to the classifier in this command (and also in the original command).

If the classifier was corrupted somehow, you may need to download or train a new one. Hopefully, it’s intact and this is just a file path error.

Best of luck,
Chris :camel:

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