classifier does not support confidence values in rescript

Hi to all Qiime2 Community,

I am in the last step of using rescript. I walked through the following protocol:

** I got this error in the fourth step:**

qiime rescript evaluate-fit-classifier \

**--i-sequences ncbi-refseqs.qza** \
--i-taxonomy ncbi-refseqs-taxonomy.qza \
--o-classifier ncbi-refseqs-classifier.qza \
--o-evaluation ncbi-refseqs-classifier-evaluation.qzv \
--o-observed-taxonomy ncbi-refseqs-predicted-taxonomy.qza

Plugin error from rescript:

this classifier does not support confidence values

Debug info has been saved to /tmp/qiime2-q2cli-err-84q7mc16.log

I used 2020.08 Qiime2 version. And I used filtered sequences for –i-sequences parameter.

  1. Would you please tell me what exactly the problem is? Or How to solve it?
  2. Can I classify the filtered taxonomy and filtered sequence with my experimental sequences using e.g. [VSEARCH-based consensus taxonomy classifier]?


Hi @TurboQiimer,

Can you paste all of the actual commands you ran? I just want to make sure there was no mistakes when implementing the pipeline.

Also, can you make a qzv of ncbi-refseqs-taxonomy.qza and share that? Hopefully, it won’t be a large file. If it is, you can link them to me (e.g. dropbox) via a DM.

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