Changing sample IDs?

Hi Is it possible to change the name of my sample IDs for analysis in Qiime2 or will that effect anything?

Also can i change the file names of my fastq files to match the sample ids as long as they match up in my manifest file?

I hope this makes sense.

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Hi, for some reason my samples are the wrong way for example I have two lots of samples " bare grass" and " moss" which obviously have unique bar codes attached to them but the sample ids are the wrong way around.

When I submit my data to an open portal i want my metadata to represent what the samples actually are. How can i do this? or can i just submit as it is clearly marking that the samples are what they are. Here is a screenshot:

I know which barcodes are to which samples because i numbered them and made notes as i was applying the barcodes.

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Hi @Mantella86 ,

Please do not make duplicate posts — I merged your two questions above because I think that they are effectively the same question.

Yes you can change the sample IDs. Best would be to have the IDs correct in the metadata file from the start, but otherwise you can use feature-table group to relabel these (and then manually relabel your metadata). This has been described in a few previous posts, you can see the search results here:

Yes that is fine, you can make the filepaths whatever you like, and then map these to the real Sample ID in your manifest file.

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Hi Nicholas, thank you. So changing the IDs will not effect importing or analysing the data because it doesn't matter what they are called as long as they match the manifest file and meta data?

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A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Well, maybe not "any" name (no special characters, etc). No, the name will not impact the analysis, as long as the names match in the metadata and manifest. This is also one advantage of the manifest vs. importing as Casava 1.8, that you can use the manifest to rename samples if needed.

Good luck!