Change header names from Feature ID to OTUID in exported TSVTaxonomyDirectoryFormat file


What is the command line to change header names Feature ID to OTU ID?

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Hi @Jasmine84, When I export a FeatureData[Taxonomy] artifact (e.g., as illustrated here) and want to change the header, I typically just open the resulting .tsv file in a text editor and make the change. However the following command would also work:

sed  's/Feature ID/#OTUID/g' taxonomy.tsv > biom-taxonomy.tsv

The resulting biom-taxonomy.tsv command will then have the new header. (It’s usually just quicker for me to make the edit by hand in a text editor than remember how to write a sed command.)

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Thanks, it Works!
However, I must change all three header columns. To create a biom-file with headers from Feature ID, taxon, Confidence to OTUID, taxonomy, confidence. So I did it in the text editor instead.

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