Can QIIME2 be used to analysis the PacBio SMRT full-length 16S rRNA sequencing data?

Hello everyone,
I wanna to known, if the QIIME2 supports to analysis the sequencing data by Pac-Bio Single Molecule Real-Time Sequencing Technique.
I attended this can’t be supported before, How about now.
Hope your reply,

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Hello MengZhang,

Welcome to the forums! :qiime2:

Thank you for looking as past posts about PacBio, and asking about the current status.
Dada2 does support PacBio reads right now, and I asked the developer about when this is coming to Qiime 2. Looks like Qiime 2 still does not support long reads, see:

Until then, you bet is to do the analysis directly in R by following the dada2 1.10 tutorial.

Let me know if you have more questions!



Hello Colin,
Thanks for your attention, thanks you help me ask this question on Github.
I don’t have more question!

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