Can anybody tell me what frequecy means? Thanks a lot !

I'm a Chinese student and I've just learned QIIME2 for days, when I viewed the result runed by 'deblur' , the consequence I got form the QIIME 2 View was ununderstandable for me.
I have no idea what the frequency in the figs means, I searched but found no appropriate answers, I know it may sounds ridiculous to ask such a question, but please help, thanks!

Hi! Welcome to the forum!
I would say, that frequency in that case is a sum of counts of all features (ASV, OTU) by sample, subset or full dataset. In other words, all feature counts per certain unit.
Hope that helps.

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Thanks, so can I understand this way that the frequency is the OUT (or ASV) amount of the sample, the subset or the full dataset ?
(Forgive my poor English. :sweat_smile:)

Yes, but it is not only amount of ASVs, but also the sum of their counts

ASV1 1000
ASV2 2000
ASV3 1500

Frequency 4500

Your English is good enough!

I appreciate it so much, I think I know how it works, thank you!