BugBase web not accepting Q2 sample metadata file

I have been unable to get the web BugBase to accept my metadata file. It will accept my OTU biome file if I choose to upload that by itself; It returns lots of charts etc.. I have simplified my metadata file to just two columns and I keep getting the same error "Map column must be set".
The first few rows of my simplified metadata file:

#SampleID Location
1H6 Hand
8H6 Hand
9H6 Hand
12H6 Hand
23H6 Hand

Anyone know what that error message means? Or why BugBase is rejecting this metadata format?

Hi @Simey,
It's hard to trouble shoot this without actually having the data but a couple of things worth trying out that come to my mind:

  • Does your mapping file end with .tsv or .txt? If I recall correctly BugBase only accepted the .txt format for some reason.
  • Are you filling the Column Header field on the web tool? In your case you would write Location
  • Does this work on the non-web version or do you get the same error?

If these don't get us anywhere feel free to DM me your mapping file and OTU table and I can try troubleshooting a bit further.