BIOMV210Format file error from data import


I’m trying to import some otu frequencies as a frequency feature table but I’m getting the error message ##feature-table.qza is not a(n) BIOMV210Format file## I’ve tried this with my own data from a txt file to qza and got the same error and with this feature table example from online. I can’t seem to find an example of a BIOMV210Format file to model my data after, is there a good example of this file format somewhere?

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The importing data tutorial has a whole section on importing feature tables, including links to the BIOM format specifications. :man_mechanic:

Any file with .qza for a file path is already a QIIME 2 artifact, and won't need to be imported. If you want more information on what type of data your .qza contains, you can use qiime tools peek feature-table.qza from the command line, or open your Artifact using q2 view, navigate to the Provenance tab, and click on the circle in the bottom node of the provenance tree.

Next time you need help with something, please consider copy-pasting the fulltext of the commands you tried to run and any error messages. This will help us better understand your situation.

Hope this helps!

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