Beta-div interpretation

Hi, I have some doubts about how to interpret my results. We want to compare the bacterial profile in wildtype mice (WT) against knockout mice (KO) (Group variable), and its variation along time (Time variable). We performed a bray-curtis dissimilarity matrix to test beta-div. We found, according to group-significance analysis, that there are significant differences between WT and KO mice, but when we inspected the emperor plot, there are no evident differences to the eye. We performed adonis to test effect size, and observed r2=0,04 for Group, and r2=0,08 for Time, both statistically significant. How do we interpret that findings?
I'm very new on statistics, and I think that those r2 are insufficient to affirm that the Group variable is relevant. Should we do additional analysis to reach a robust conclusion?

Thanks a lot

mantel_scatter_visualization.qzv (237.9 KB)
bray-curtis-Matrix-Group-significance.qzv (295.4 KB)
visualization.qzv (204.5 KB)

Hi @KirKara,
Please see this recent topic for more insight into interpreting these values:


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