Barplot feature - combine barplots by sample metadata

Hi! I’m really enjoying Qiime2 and have just used the barplot feature which is great, but what would make it so much more useful is to be able to combine the barplots from each sample metadata that you are looking at, rather than just ordering them by the sample metadata. This would make it so clearer to see differences between groups. Is this something that might be added?


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Hi @SarahH,
Thanks for the suggestion! Combining barplots into a multi-panel figure is something that would need to be done outside of QIIME 2. Unfortunately, I think this is something that is quite unlikely to be added since it is a rather complex process and would really need to be customized by the researcher — e.g., how many panels is the easy part, but how are they ordered? Should the X axes be aligned somehow?

In practice the thing to do is sort by metadata, then slice up the barplot into multiple panels and order/align as desired, e.g., in illustrator.

Please clarify if I have misunderstood your meaning. Thanks!

Sorry, I should have been clearer. What I meant was, for instance if I have three samples from timepoint1 and 3 samples from timepoint2 then instead of 6 barplots just have 2, one with the average of timepoint 1 and the other with the average of timepoint 2. Does that make sense?


thank you for clarifying.

We have an open issue to add this feature, but I don’t have an ETA on when that may be added — that issue has been there for a long time.

For now, the thing to do is use qiime feature-table group to group samples based on metadata (e.g., timepoint) into averages, then generate barplots.

Ah! Yes of course. I’ll do that for now. Would be great to have that feature though!

Many thanks

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