Balance Trees using Gneiss

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In gneiss plot below, did anyone know what is the light blue and dark blue panels? Do they represent any kind of comparison?

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Hi @maysa1 there is some documentation in the gneiss tutorials. See here for instance: Differential abundance analysis with gneiss — QIIME 2 2019.10.0 documentation

There are also a few related questions worth following up on. See a couple of examples below

I also have an explanation of balances in this notebook

There is also a youtube video that explains these concepts in the paper.

Briefly the colors denote the numerator and the denominator of the balance. There is a chance that there is a confusion around the concept of balances. So feel free to follow up with the above resources and I can help with interpreting this plot.


Hi @mortonjt,
Thank you for the very useful resources and this great analysis!!

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