ANCOM-BC visualization

Hi, can someone suggest a method for visualizing ANCOM-BC results? Specifically, am interested in plotting bar plots to show taxa found to be differentially abundant (based on q values). The current ANCOM-BC barplots plugin plots those considered significant based on p values, but need to plot corrected p values (q values). Thanks so much for your help!


Hi @hpyle50,

Great question! We don't currently have any visualizers in our core distribution for barplots based on q-values. Maybe one of our forum @moderators have suggestions for third party tools that could be used for this?

Yes, a suggestion for third party tool would be much appreciated!

Hey @hpyle50,

My apologies as I overlooked this in da-barplot within q2-composition - the default is to plot q-values (not p-values). So this should be exactly what you need :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! Strangely, when I hover over many of the bars that are plotted on the da-barplot output, ASV's with q>0.05 have been plotted... Related question, in the tabulate file, the q value is in the second column on that page (ie, not the value under the intercept column, correct)? Thanks again!

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Hi @hpyle50,
The default is that all features are plotted (both significant and insignificant). You can provide a threshold by passing --p-significance-threshold. For example, if you provide --p-significance-threshold 0.01, it will only plot features that achieved a q-value less than or equal to 0.01.

(Note, just to avoid possible confusion: the p in --p-significance-threshold, indicates that this is a parameter to this visualizer, it's not indicating that this is a p-value significance threshold.)


That worked. Thank you everyone for your assistance. Really appreciated.


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