Are there any plans to incorporate ANCOM-BC into future QIIME2 releases?

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Hi @tarandall,

From the looks of it @mortonjt has already begin wrapping a q2-ancombc here, but Iā€™m not sure if its currently complete, stable, or ongoing work. Keep an eye out on the forum, Iā€™m sure when its ready to launch there will be a tutorial or post about it here.


To answer @Mehrbod_Estakiā€™s comment, ANCOM-BC is still ongoing ā€“ we have a start, but now it mainly boils down to my unfamiliarity with R.

I recommend to take a look at the ANCOM-BC repo, particularly the unittests. If someone gets a script that can run ANCOM-BC directly from a biom table, then the plugin will more or less be ready.

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