ANCOM-BC da_barplot couldn't generate plot

qiime version 2023.2

Hi qiime team. Thank you for making ancombc an official plugin.
I ran into an issue with the barplot visualization of differentials.

Used the composition ancombc and composition tabulate to generate differentials

However, the composition da_barplot fails to generate barplots in the qzv file

from qiime2.plugins.composition.visualizers import da_barplot
ancom_diff_abn_barplot = da_barplot(data=ancombc_differentials)"ancombc_barplot.qzv")

Hi @Alxdu,

Thanks for reaching out! Happy to hear that you're using ANCOM-BC in q2-composition. :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you share what operating system you're using, and how you have QIIME 2 installed? I'm wondering where this error is coming from in the R traceback:

System has not been booted with systemd as init system (PID 1).
Can't operate. Failed to connect to bus: Host is down

Hi Liz. Thanks for the quick feedback.

I install qiime2 in Windows Subsystem for Linux running Ubuntu 22.04

On a broader comment about ancombc (as I have been using the un-official version from Morton in the past GitHub - mortonjt/q2-ancombc: qiime2 plugin for ANCOMBC), can I make a short feature request for the tabulate plugin. Can you please add the optional argument to sort and filter the table by lfc and/or q_val. Thank you very much.

I am also curious how the barplot is handled in this new ancom implementation. My own implementation of differential plotting with Morton's plugin was to place the lfc on the x-axis, the taxa on y-axis and the q_val on the secondary y-axis (sorted from 0 to 0.05), like this:

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Hi @Alxdu,

Thanks for following up and providing those details!

I found what seems to be a pretty helpful thread on AskUbuntu that discusses the error message you're receiving in detail and a few ways to solve it or move forward. Check it out and see if this helps!

This is a great suggestion, and is definitely on our radar! The current version of tabulate is our first iteration, and I would definitely like to add filtering and sorting capabilities to it as well. We have a lot on our plates for the 2023.5 release, but hopefully this is something we can address over the summer!

This implementation uses the log-fold change on the x-axis, and the feature-id's on the y-axis. You can view an example visualization here for reference:

Cheers :lizard:

Thanks Liz. I'll give this a try and provide feedback here. Looking forward to where you take this plugin. It's already great. Thank you for the work you do for the community.


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