An error occurs during the feature classification

Hello, I'm self-studying microbial analysis and encountered an error during the process. The command I used and the error that occurred are as follows:

qiime feature-classifier classify-sklearn --i-classifier /root/Qiime2/04_taxonomy/silva-138-99-nb-classifier.qza --i-reads /root/Qiime2/02_Denoising/rep-seq.qza --o-classification /root/Qiime2/04_taxonomy/taxonomy.qza

Even with the latest Silva database, the Qiime2 version, and reinstalling Qiime2, the same error persists.

Welcome to the forums, Jung. :qiime2:

These are all good ideas and, because that did not help, they give us a clues to the source of the error.

The error 'unexpected end of data' would happen if a file download is incomplete. One of the .qza files is messed up/incomplete.

If you have already downloaded a new copy of the silva classifier, try redownloading or remaking the rep-seq.qza file.

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I created a new rep-seq.qza file, but the error still appeared the same. Still, I'm really grateful for your help with the new approach!!

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Can you also download a new copy of the silva classifier .qza from the Data Resources Page:

When you rerun the command with the newly downloaded classifier, please add the --verbose flag because that will give us even more clues!

I appreciate your dedication to try all these things, especially within a self-study context.

Good work!