An error occured in "Add to Analysis" in Qiita

I'm sorry to be rude in my first post.
I'd like to do "add to analysis" in Qiita and do 16S microbiome analysis.

According Qiita GNPs workshop, after do "add to analysis", the second-right-most icon at the top bar should be green.

I could already do 16S data processing (split libraries, trimming and picking OTUs) without any problems.

Did anyone occur the same error?

Hi @kohei-108,
Welcome to the QIIME 2 forum! :smile:

I have moved your question to “Other Bioinformatics Tools” because QIITA is not part of QIIME 2.

Although others may be able to answer your question, for a faster response you should check out the QIITA website to find the correct way to get support for QIITA, or contact the author of the workshop tutorial that you are following.

Good luck!

Qiita official documents say " As you can imagine, you are not alone as this is a common problem while doing analysis. Thus, we suggest posting your question to the QIIME2 Forum.", so I posted it here.

Do you have general analytical questions? Qiita official documents