AMF classifier new version

Hi Everyone,

I wonder if there is a file of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi classifier for the Qiime 2022.8 version. If yes, would you mind letting me know how to find it?

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Hi @AndreFC,

Have you looked into the UNITE database? You can also check out these pre-trained classifiers for 2022.8

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Dear Mike

Thank you so much. As I understood, the AMF classifier is included within the Eukaryotes and/or Fungal ones, isn't it?

They should be available in any version of the files. We often recommend using the complete database that includes other Eukaryotes. These other Eukaryotes serve as "outgroups" or "decoys" that will help to better classify any spurious non-fungal taxa that might be sequenced (you should be able to find other threads about this in the QIIME 2 forum). Otherwise you run the risk of classifying almost anything as Fungi, simply because there are not enough outgroups in your data.

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