Alternative methods to download Greengenes 16S rRNA 13_8?

Hello! I am trying to download Greengenes 16S rRNA 13_8 from the qiime2 resource page however chrome now no longer supports FTP. Is there any alternative methods to download? I did tried something like WinSCP but still it won't connect to the FTP. Thank you in advance!

[Greengenes (16S rRNA) 13_8 (most recent) not downloading]

Hello @hewsy,

Two methods work well for me.

  1. In Google Chrome, just click on the link in the qiime2 Data resources page and let the computer figure it out. After I click on the link, the file downloads to my 'Downloads' folder.
  2. Use wget. Because I use Qiime2 from the Linux terminal (or the Linux WSL terminal in Windows 10), I can right click on the file, 'copy link location', then use wget to download files.
    Try this:
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