after vsearch join pairs ,,I lost many reads

hello I have a problem with ssearch join pairs.
I want to deblur with my data...

so I did cut adapt to cut primer sequence
this is my result after cut adapt

and I did vsearch join pairs option
then my results is here

so many reads are gone..
what can I do?
(sorry about my poor English)

Hi @rbfks100333,

Welcome to the :qiime2: forum!

Can you please provide us with the following details so that we can better assist you with this?

  • Version of QIIME 2 you are running, and how it is installed (e.g. Virtualbox, conda, etc.)
  • What is the exact command or commands you ran? Copy and paste please.
  • What is the exact error message, if applicable? If you didn't run the command with the --verbose flag, please re-run and copy-and-paste the results.

Thanks! :lizard:

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