Advice on Improving Skills

I am looking for some advice on how to improve my skills in bioinformatics. I am currently a graduate student in an Animal Science program and have not had any professional training in terms of courses as my university does not offer them. I have conducted several microbiome projects and I believe that I have adequately represented my data using QIIME and QIIME2 by following the tutorials and similar publications in my field (Equine Science); however, I want to understand this field better. For example: picking the right analysis for the study design, coding, and interpreting the data. Are there any books, papers, videos, courses (online please), certifications that you would recommend as veterans in this field?

I would also like to improve my skills in R as well, so if there’s anything for that you could recommend please do so!

Thanks in advance!

Hi @MBowman,
See the topic below; the several of the resources, particularly software carpentry, are good places to start, both for building basic programming skills as well as rounding out foundational knowledge of bioinformatics in general.

A couple recent papers, and there are many more out there:

See also this website and article from Pat Schloss; while not directly related to acquiring technical skills per se, it is a really important facet of bioinformatics training and practice:

Good luck!