Adding download option for FDR-adjusted p.value table in gneiss

Just wanted to raise a separate issue on this in hope of having this function added.

Continuing the discussion from Gneiss questions:

I’m working with a dataset that has a large number of balances to the point where the interactive heat-map plot of the regression_summary.qzv appears all white at first glance. I have to zoom in quite a bit to see the individual colors of the heat-map and pan around quite a bit to find the potentially interesting balances. It also is very hard to read x-axis label when there are so many balances. Having the mentioned table above would help greatly in identifying interesting balances to explore downstream.



@Mehrbod_Estaki just added in a PR to download FDR corrected pvalues here. So that should be ready by the next release.

It is also probably worthwhile to note that there should there be a way to take account of the hierarchy of the balances when performing the p-value correction. Not sure how to do it, and is probably an open question.