About the Tutorials category

The Community Tutorials category is for sharing QIIME 2 tutorials that are not part of the official QIIME 2 documentation. These may be contributed by members of the QIIME 2 user community, or by plugin developers who are drafting new tutorials that may ultimately be included in the QIIME 2 documentation.

Community Tutorials should include a description of why a reader would be interested in the tutorial, a small test dataset that can be downloaded by the reader, the commands to be run on the dataset with a description of what each command is doing, and guidelines for interpreting the results. Running all of the commands in your tutorial should be quick (e.g., a few minutes of compute time).

Tutorials should also include the version of QIIME 2 that they were tested with, and any additional installation commands (e.g., if the tutorial requires installing a plugin that is not part of the core distribution).

Finally, while the official QIIME 2 tutorials are automatically tested and therefore guaranteed to work, the tutorials posted in this category are not automatically tested. If you notice that the steps of a tutorial are not working, post a reply noting the problem that you’re running into so the developer can have the opportunity to correct the tutorial for you and other users.