2024.2 bug(?) in feature-table summary output

I have recently installed 2024.2 on a Mac M2 machine and all works well but there appears to be either a strange change or bug in the output of the interactive plot-table. In all previous versions the table below the chart shows something like:

Sample ID Frequency|

SAMPLEID123 188048
SAMPLEID124 143787
SAMPLEID125. 142109
However in the latest version operating on identical input data the output has replaced
the actual SampleID name with an array position perhaps:
Sample ID Frequency
0 188,048
1 143,787
2 142,109

This makes the table info difficult or really impossible to interpret without looking at the underlying data and then doing a transform. I don't think this is intended - perhaps a typo in
in a python script to output the array data? The actual SampleID is in the HTML data too - just it is rendered with the array element number instead of the expected SampleID. Or maybe I am wrong? I actually ran three different versions of qiime2 on the same input data and only the new version produces this odd output.

Hi @ataqdog,
Thank you for bringing this issue up! You are correct that there was a bug and it has been fix. If you re-install qiime2 you should be good to go!


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