Youtube workshop stream "video restricted" error

Could anyone help me to share livestream on Youtube? I could not find out the link.
Thank you a lot!

Where is the live stream link?

@turbo4xl @ntmyle1988

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Day 4 link is not work can you sent correct link please?

The day 4 video is no longer available - we will begin day 5’s stream in roughly 40 minutes.

sorry Thanks can’t wait.

I found out that link afterward. Thank you. It was amazing knowledge that I have learned.
I appreciate team who gave us a great chance.

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Same here can’t access the video

Halo, can anyone please share the youtube link for today (day 5)?


Video unavailable and later workshop link does not work

Hi @turbo4xl
I am so sorry to here that the video doesn’t work for. The link @jwdebelius shared is the link we are using. I would try to look up the qiime2 youtube and click on the video from there. I am sorry we can’t do more

Thanks It says video unavailable but when you click on watch this video it does work.

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@turbo4xl, try clicking through to watch on youtube.