Workaround to disable deblur positive filter


I'm trying to examine the effect of the SortMeRNA filter integrated into delbur. Using studies on QIITA, I can grab the "reference hit table" (the filtered feature table) and the "final table" (the unfiltered table). However, if I want to use q2-deblur, the unfiltered output is hidden.

Rather than mucking about in the scripts, could I use q2-deblur denoise-other and feed it the same sequences for both the input and the reference set? Would that effectively disable the filter?


Hi Dylan,

It may be easier to use deblur directly rather than q2-deblur. I think using -other with an empty reference may work but I haven't tried it. You can find notes and scripts on the analysis informing the positive filter which determined the parameters to use here

Curious to hear what you find!



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