With FeatureData or Without it


I already created my feature table but during the taxonomy analysis and the workflow in the tutorial page, I understood that I need feature data. Honestly, I do not have it. It is admittedly required for taxonomy analysis. I do not know! Based on the workflow, it is possible to continue by only feature table. If it is necessary alongside the feature table for the taxonomy analysis how can provide it?

Feature Data is coming from two sources: Reference taxonomy, Reference sequence and the query sequence.
Both of the three phrases are unclear to me, and how to provide the three feature data?


That flowchart demonstrates the universe of options available for taxonomy classification, not all the steps that you must actually perform. I recommend that you ignore it altogether. See what is done in the moving pictures tutorial… follow those steps, use one of the pre-trained classifiers and you do not need to worry about providing any FeatureData artifacts.

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