Will discrete false-discovery rate be integrated to ANCOM?


A new paper introducing the discrete false-discovery rate just published. Will it be used to replace the FDR in the ANCOM in future release, soon?

Hey @yanxianl, I think it’s already implemented here!
I found this QIIME 2 plugin in this thread.


Woo, it’s already available.

Hello @jjmmii,

I’ve successfully installed the q2-dsfdr plugin in qiime 2 2017.11 and checked its usage. It seems that q2-dsfdr is a standalone plugin that can be used for the multiple comparison correction of various statistical analysis. I want to use it in the ancom analysis such that a somewhat arbitary filtering of low-prevalence features (25%) is avoid, but I don’t know how to implement dsfdr in the ancom analysis. No tutorials have been published in the qiime2 documentation or forum yet. Any suggestions on how to apply dsfdr to the ancom in qiime2?

Sorry I’m not familiar with this, please wait for others to respond.

@yanxianl there is currently no way to run dsfdr with ANCOM without modifying the source code for ANCOM. The code change itself would be small (would need to change this line) Pull requests are welcome.

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