When will PERMDISP be available?

Hi all,

I am wondering if there is any update on when PERMDISP is likely to be enabled in Qiime2? From searching the forum it seems like it has been under development for a while so I am curious if there are any updates on the status. I haven’t been able to figure out how to get the data into R to analyze with the vegan package yet, but if it will be a while before this option is available in Qiime I may need to dig into that option a bit more. Thanks for any information you have!

Hello @jmb short answer: soon, perhaps for the June release, but definitely for the August release.

We’ve implemented permdisp in one of the main underlying libraries that powers QIIME2 (scikit-bio). However, we need to update the version that QIIME2 and some of its plugins depend on in order for QIIME2 to be able to use the new functionality. I’m hoping to do this sooner rather than later but this process depends on a number of moving parts so I unfortunately can’t make timeline guarantees.


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