When will a PICRUSt plugin be developed?

Thanks, but do you know when will the QIIME 2 plugin for PICRUSt will be developed, because QIIME 2 will succeed Qiime 1 in 2018

Hi @Harry! I don’t know when a PICRUSt plugin will be developed for QIIME 2. While this would be a really useful plugin to have, it is not a high priority for us prior to 2018. PICRUSt is a separate software project from QIIME (1 or 2) and our priorities through the end of 2017 are to reach feature parity with QIIME 1. Unfortunately, a PICRUSt plugin doesn’t really move us towards that goal. Note that PICRUSt isn’t being deprecated/succeeded by QIIME 2 in 2018 – that tool is developed independently.

In the meantime, it is possible to perform closed-reference OTU picking with q2-vsearch and export the feature table for PICRUSt analyses. See this forum post for details:

If you or anyone else is interested in implementing a PICRUSt plugin we have a Plugin Developer’s Guide to get you started and we’d really appreciate the help!

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